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Tiny Drawings

When you don’t have time to make a big drawing, a tiny drawing will do. I have dozens. Here is a sampling.


drawing of desert pavement
desert pavement
hey magpie drawing
hey magpie!
Tiny Drawing - In the Weeds
Pencil on board
Tiny Drawing - depth
Drawing and collage
Tiny Drawing - Armada
Armada. Collage and drawing on board
Tiny Drawing - Use Large Scale
Use Large Scale
Tiny Drawing - Super Moon
Supermoon. Ink on board
Tiny Drawing - Emma the Dog
Emma the Dog. Gouache and drawing on board
Tiny Drawing - Something in the Sky
Something in the Sky
Tiny Drawing - What are these things in the sky?
What Are These Things in the Sky?
Tiny Drawing - Spaceship
big shack drawing
big shack
shack drawing
Wyoming ranger shack
drawing of a path
Path in the grass
Evaporation ponds as a diamond
pile drawing
falling drawing
drawing of saturn's moons
a couple of Saturn's moons
boat drawing
What is this?
paper wasp nest
Paper wasp nest
mushroom drawing
canyon drawing